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Polyester vs. Nylon Carpet

Matt Lancia • Posted September 24, 2022 in General

What type of carpeting should I choose for my new home? This can be a difficult decision if you do not know the pros and cons of either polyester or nylon fiber carpet. Nylon is a high quality carpet.  It is very durable and will last longer in high traffic areas... Read More »

Picking a Floor Plan

Matt Lancia • Posted September 24, 2022 in General

Many times I get inquiries about pricing floor plans for clients. Most look at the home and ask “how much per square foot for this home?” I guess that is an easy comparison method but sometimes it can get skewed by many different qualities of the floor plan... Read More »

Green Building Techniques

Matt Lancia • Posted August 2, 2022 in General

Besides energy efficient equipment and products, builders can implement building practices and techniques that are considered “green”. The use of products to keep the outside out and the inside in are some of the most used... Read More »

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