Polyester vs. Nylon Carpet

Matt Lancia • September, 24 2022

What type of carpeting should I choose for my new home?  This can be a difficult decision if you do not know the pros and cons of either polyester or nylon fiber carpet.

Nylon is a high quality carpet.  It is very durable and will last longer in high traffic areas. Nylon is just as soft and comes in a variety of colors and textures just like a Polyester carpet would.  It is not as stain resistant as Polyester and it is also twice the cost for similar weight and style.

Polyester is also a good quality carpet.  It does not wear as long as Nylon in higher traffic areas.  It is however very stain resistant. Polyester should be considered near the entrance to a pool or spa due to its stain resistant qualities.   Because of how the yarn is produced it can come in more bold colors when comparing it to Nylon.  The biggest advantage to choosing Polyester carpet for your new home is the potential savings by having your builder installing this product.

As stated, the major difference between Polyester and Nylon is the cost. Polyester costs approximately 1/2 as much as Nylon for the similar weight and type.  The average time frame for replacing carpet is 7-10 years in most homes across America.  The advances in the way Polyester carpet is manufactured has made it an excellent choice when considering cost savings.  If decorating trends lead to a change in carpet color or design it could be easier to justify changing the carpet in your home.

Polyester and Nylon carpets both have good qualities about them.  You need to ask yourself which would work better for your lifestyle and budget.  Ultimately the choice is up to you, which one do you prefer to have the builder install in your new home?

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