Green Building Techniques

Matt Lancia • August, 02 2022

Besides energy efficient equipment and products, builders can implement building practices and techniques that are considered “green”. The use of products to keep the outside out and the inside in are some of the most used. 

The flashing tape that is used around window and door openings has been a great inventions. As the tapes have gotten better, they stick in colder temperatures and onto about anything. The different caulking and foam sealants also have created a permanent barrier from air and moisture entering the home. The various house wraps each with their own benefits has created a moisture and air barrier that will help home comfort for years to come. No home is water proof, just ask any remodeler, the job of a professional builder is to minimize the infiltration and create a back-up shield of protection. Using the sealant, tape and wraps is the best starting point for such protection.

The use of other products that will not rot or decay is also well advised. If building materials can be kept out of the landfill that is considered a green building practice. The advances in vinyl siding and trim as well as the invention of cement board products can create an exterior that will last for years. A person could choose products used on an exterior of a home that would never need painted and would look aesthetically pleasing. 20 years ago your choices would have been limited and I’m not sure how it would look when the project was completed.

Many time’s I am questioned about a new home being too “tight”. The indoor air quality is part of the “green” building practice and does need to be part of the equation. A fresh air system can be implemented into the HVAC equipment and would bring in fresh air once the furnace is running. It even is available to turn on at set intervals. Another method is to use bath fans that run continuously at a designated cubic feet per minute (CFM) both methods work well but my preference is the bath fan approach. The better fans run quitter and more efficiently than the fans of 20 years ago.

All these methods outlined are part of the total package that helps make a home a “green” home. Thank you for checking out my blog on Matt Lancia Signature Homes.

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