Picking a Floor Plan

Matt Lancia • September, 24 2022

Many times I get inquiries about pricing floor plans for clients.  Most look at the home and ask “how much per square foot for this home?”  

I guess that is an easy comparison method but sometimes it can get skewed by many different qualities of the floor plan.  Inherently, a ranch plan is more expensive to build as compared to a 2-story home.  A slab home is less expensive than a basement home.  

Features that make a difference in pricing a new home could be the size of the kitchen and baths and the amount of cabinets and tops needed in those rooms.  The type of products used, laminate top or stained oak or hickory is less then granite tops and painted cabinets.  A 2000 square foot home could be built with $6000 in cabinets and tops, the same home could have $12,000 in cabinets and tops.  That alone would give a $3/SF difference in construction cost.  Add or subtract a fireplace, use Andersen windows as opposed to a vinyl single hung window, they could effect this same 2000 square foot home by $3/SF.  Open, tall and vaulted ceiling also add to the cost of new home construction.  

The difficulty and extra time necessary to work in the high areas is a basis for the extra pricing.  The added material and the fact a room cannot be built above the volume space could add another $2-$3/SF.  Extra detail, may it be inside or outside, increases construction costs.  Plain and boring is less expensive then style and design.  An intricate roof construction with steep pitches and many gables and hips as well as wide overhangs all are part of increasing the cost of a new home project.  

So when searching out a new home floor plan for your situation consider these points for pricing reference.  Thank you for checking in with Matt Lancia Signature Homes.

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